August 2004


Photo plate from "The Great Book of WILDFOWL DECOYS" Chapter 9: New Jersey written by Gary Giberson, photographs by Bill Buckner

It was 1999, the last year of a great century. I was tempted to trade a group of antique shore-bird decoys for something in the world I would really like to own.

After a week of thought, only a Model "A" Ford came to mind.

With its unique-sounding engine and a magical place to enjoy a ride in a car called a "rumbleseat"; memories of being with my beloved grandfather, riding into town to deliver a dozen eggs, a slab of smoked bacon, and a bushel of pole limas setting next to me, brought great remembrances to my mind and heart.

1931 Ford Roadster in Volo Auto Museum ShowroomHemmings Motor News, the Bible for antique car information, was my path to locate and price out such a unique request. I found my 'dream roadster' at the Volo Auto Museum located just north of Chicago, Ill.

What a great place. So rich in early 1930's history and located close by this six-wheeled roadster's first home in Cicero, Ill.

I fantasize that it was originally owned by a bootlegger who bought it for his gun-totting, gun moll lady fair.

The price of the trade included monies to purchase the Model "A", transport it to its new home in Port Republic, N.J., insure it, and garage it; monies for a missionary heading to Siberia, and a donation for the local church which needed funds for a steeple painting project.

I found a 1927 Fry 117 visual gas pump on eBay to set alongside a future garage I was about to build. Once on eBay, I was hooked into this project - hook, line, and sinker. I have not been able to stop building and adding to this great historical project of a complete 1931 Model "A" show room and SOCONY-Vacuum gas station.

Parts and paraphernalia to fulfil this vision have come from all over the world. Now, I'd like to share Mayor Gary's Garage with the rest of the planet.


More news, stories, and recollections to come.


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