Tune in


Turn your radio dial to one of Mayor Gary's
   "Live" Broadcasts.

Your selected station will pop up in its own window.

The Player Controls will appear.
Your broadcast should begin almost immediately. (A small inverted triangle above the play stream bar indicates the broadcast download. The capsule shape indicates the current play position.)

Pause or resume a broadcast at any time by pressing the pause button.   Rewind or fast forward by dragging the play position capsule to a different area in the play bar.   Pressing Stop will discontinue downloading and return the broadcast to the beginning.

Continue to look around the site while you listen to the broadcasts. The player will always be available on your taskbar until closed.

Close the Radio Player window to turn off the radio and select another program broadcast.   (See NOTES for additional information.)

Also Available: Download the free MGG Personal Radio Volume I to play multiple broadcasts offline. Our first player release includes all 3 of the above shows [1:11:06/6.87 MB]. Check back for new show collections.

just an example with background photo - player is not yet completed - awaiting new photo The MGG Player does not include pop-ups or advertising. It does not require installation of any additional programs. It is a self-contained program especially custom-made for our site visitors.

* Not shown actual size. Player is 640x480 & currently available in PC version only. (Apologies to Mac & Linux users.)

Instructions for MGG Personal Radio:

Future Volumes will be named sequentially, so you can collect, store and play them all.

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Notes: Our audio and video broadcast players use Shockwave Flash, a registered trademark of Macromedia, Inc.   Free player software downloads, updates, and support are available on their site.

If you do not see the player controls appear as pictured, you may not have Flash installed, or may need to upgrade your player software.   A link to the free player software should appear.


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