Fill 'er up?


Visitors are treated to a lot of eye candy here.

The show room with its "brand new" 1931 Model "A" deluxe roadster sits in the center front. An accessory display case filled with period Ford dealer add-ons divides the showroom floor with the dealers' office in the rear. Here a rolltop oak desk is full of sales brochures and dealership information.

Other period furniture abounds and a comfortable couch is furnished along with 1930 photo magazines and Katzenjammer Kids comic books for the wife and kids to enjoy while the dealer sells you things to drive up the cost of your "new car".

The gas station and garage is a typical "two pillar" design so popular in the 1920 to 1930's era. It is complete with the drive-up island with an under roof area for service in bad weather. The garage office is full of goodies and typical furniture and appliances of the era.

The garage in the rear houses the tow truck at night, while during the day, the factory-trained mechanic works and services the customers' vehicles.

A drive-up grease rack sits alongside the garage. Early grease rack construction. Garage dog, Haley, shown in foreground.

School groups, Scouting troops, and Home-schoolers have all found their visits entertaining and educational.

Of course, its a favorite stop for Antique and Classic Car clubs and individual owners.

Families with children can experience a wondrous step back into a time only glimpsed in films, while grandparents relive a nostalgic slice of a bygone era, lovingly restored and preserved in all its detail and glory.

More than a sight-seeing tour, a trip to Mayor Gary's Garage is an experience for all the senses. From the smell of the gas from the ever-leaking lubester to the soothing chug-a-chug of the roadster engine and its alarming ahooga horn.   PUSH -->  

Mayor Gary's Garage & Showroom are located on private, residential property that's been in the family since before the Revolutionary War (see History).

The entire reconstruction of this faithfully restored site was achieved with Gary's own time, money and hard labor.  Mayor Gary generously makes it available for the public to share in the experience.

Admission is free to individuals, families and groups. Donations are thankfully accepted for the upkeep and preservation of the historic treasures found here.

The garage and showroom provide a unique backdrop for photographs, in your own classic car or Mayor Gary's. There's even period hats to don for your photos.

Professional, glossy, memento photos of your day at the garage are available for purchase to help cover the cost of maintaining the garage as a unique and valuable resource for this and future generations. You are welcome to snap your own photos, however, under those circumstances, a donation is expected.

More than 9 picnic tables with seating for over 90 are available for a leisurely lunch. Bring along your own packed lunch. Bottled water will be available for sale. Restroom facilities are also close by.

Ample parking is available on both paved driveways and grassy fields for large groups of cars.


Swan Bay Folk Art Center is also located on the same grounds as the garage and showroom. While the boys look at the cars and gasoline stuff, the wife and kids can visit with Niki, Mayor Gary's wife and an expert craftswoman, to create a small basket or complete one of many historical craft projects.
One should call ahead (see Contact Page) to ensure availability of craft classes at the time of your visit.

A large herd of wool-producing sheep, who love to be petted and hand-fed, look forward to the attentions of visiting children and animal-lovers.

Decoy admirers can have a gander at the carving workshop just a few steps away.

Alongside Mayor Gary's Garage is the family-owned, Red Wing Lakes Campground. The campground is open from Memorial day to Labor day. Then the 3500 acres are turned into one of the nation's best sporting clays courses and thirty six full 3-D archery target areas.

Plan a day trip to the area!

Southern New Jersey is full of interesting places to visit year-round.

We are twenty minutes from Atlantic City's ocean, beach and boardwalk. There are eight very large casinos here too.

Historic Smithville Inn and adjoining Smithville Village Ask your server to say hello to Chef Biil, pictured here are only 10 minutes from Mayor Gary's Garage.
Here a visiting family or group may find two great restaurants, The Smithville Inn and
Fred and Ethyl's Lantern Light Inn
(the Mayor's favorite South Jersey restaurant).

Over sixty shops are also located in the village.

The Noyes Museum
Make time for The Noyes Museum,
dedicated to American Folk Art,
and its neighbor,


Great Blue Heron spotted at the refuge. Photo copyright, Gary Giberson
The Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
a great bird-watching opportunity
in any season.


Other recommended restaurants include: The Oyster Creek Inn, Rams Head Inn, and of course, Allen's Clam Bar.

Like any good station attendant worth their salt, we can point the way to your next stop after your ramble 'round the garage & showroom.

Steer over to the Contact Page to start planning your jaunt.



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